How HOPE Helps

Peer Support Meetings

Peer support meetings are at the heart of what we do, bringing together parents from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds to address their parenting concerns. HOPE’s parent-to-parent peer support groups provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental environment where parents facing similar life events or parenting-related challenges can exchange mutual support and experiential knowledge. Talking to parents who have had the same or similar experiences helps people to discover that they are not alone and that there are others who understand first-hand what they are going through. These weekly group meetings give parents a regular chance to connect, share practical ideas, learn new and effective parenting techniques, and strategize on ways forward. Membership is on a rolling basis. Parents can join anytime and continue to attend for as long as needed.

Phone and Other Support

Between meetings, parents who attend regularly also have access to member-to-member phone support. When possible, members may be offered in-person moral support over a casual cup of coffee or at important parenting-related meetings and events (e.g. when their young person is in court).

Handbook and Website

HOPE also supports parents by equipping them with knowledge, tools, and resources. Upon joining, members receive a copy of Fresh Perspectives, our handy parental guidebook, which contains practical parenting strategies as well as tips for communicating with your young person in an effective and productive way. Parents who join also have access to the Members Area of our website, where they will find a curated index of community resources, reference materials, and book recommendations.

Workshops and Annual Conference

In addition to peer support, HOPE periodically engages skilled volunteers and outside experts to conduct workshops and seminars. Likewise, our highly regarded annual conference brings together a diverse range of professionals from relevant fields and backgrounds to share their knowledge and expertise.

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How To Join

"HOPE is an oasis for families facing difficulties they never imagined—a safe place to learn, share, and strategize."

—HOPE parent