Frequently Asked Questions

What is a peer support group?

Peer support groups are premised on the idea that people with common concerns or experiences are uniquely situated to understand one another in ways that professionals, friends, or family may not. Their chief goal is to foster the exchange of mutual support and practical ideas in dealing with common problems.

Who is eligible to join?

Any parent, guardian, or adult relative who is troubled by the behaviour of an adolescent or young adult in their life is eligible for membership.

Into what age range do the children of HOPE parents typically fall?

Most members have children who are anywhere from 13-30 years old, though some parents have children who are 30+.

What can I expect from my support group experience?

In group, parents share both their challenges and successes. Engaging with parents who have had similar struggles helps people to discover that they are not alone and that there are others who understand what they are going through. While peer support may not solve every problem, it can be key to promoting hope and the belief that change is possible for parents confronting common challenges. You can expect to receive a warm welcome, along with encouragement, practical support, and understanding.

Will information discussed in the group be shared?

No. HOPE members adhere to a strict code of confidentiality.

How are meetings structured and where do they take place?

Group meetings follow a consistent format, ensuring a reliable experience no matter which group you attend. Each group meets weekly and year-round at a regularly scheduled location, day, and time. We currently have groups in six locations in Southern Ontario, with plans to expand Canada-wide. To connect with the group nearest you, email or call 1-866-492-1299.

Are there any online support groups?

Yes. HOPE now offers a face-to-face online support group for parents in Southern Ontario who do not have a support group located in their area or who prefer the flexibility of online meetings. As with our in-person groups, this virtual group meets weekly at a regularly scheduled time.

How do I start a HOPE support group in my area?

Anyone interested in forming a new group should feel free to reach out to us at or 1-866-492-1299.

Should I bring my child to group meetings?

Attendance at group meetings is restricted to parents, guardians, and concerned adult relatives.

Does HOPE provide childcare services for parents while they attend group meetings?

Unfortunately HOPE does not have the capacity to offer childcare services.

Are HOPE groups led by professional counsellors?

HOPE is a volunteer-run peer support and self-help organization and is not a professional counselling service. Some counsellors do attend HOPE meetings, but they do so in the same capacity as our other members—as parents who have shared similar experiences and parenting-related struggles.

Why does HOPE charge a membership fee?

Although HOPE is a volunteer-run charitable organization, it does incur a number of operating expenses related to printed materials, insurance, financial audits, website maintenance, workshops, rental space, and our informational phone line.

"HOPE changed my life."

—HOPE parent