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Helping Other Parents Everywhere (HOPE), Inc. is served by a volunteer Board of Directors that is responsible for the oversight of the organization. The HOPE Board is composed of four Executive Members and one representative from each HOPE Community Group.

Each local group’s members elect their Community Group Representatives.

The Executive Committee is elected biennially by the general membership. 

The current Executive came into office May 4, 2019.

President – Leanne Lewis 


Vice-President – Erin Mahoney


Secretary – David Black


Treasurer – Alison Williams


HOPE is also served by six standing committees:

  • Conference Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Fund Raising and Donor Development Committee
  • Nominations and Governance Committee
  • Outreach Committee 
  • Training and Development Committee

The HOPE Board has identified three strategic objectives, which guide the work of the Board and Committees, along with the Mission and Vision Statements. The strategic objectives are:

    1. Increase the quality and consistency of the HOPE experience
    2. Increase the number of active HOPE Members
    3. Strengthen organizational sustainability

Community Group Governance:

At least twice per year local groups hold Group Development Meetings. Unlike weekly support group meetings, Group Development Meetings focus on how the local group is working; what things are going well and where some improvement might be needed. These meetings give local group members an opportunity to raise issues, collaborate to strengthen the local group experience, organize local outreach activities, and ensure that group succession plans are place.

These meetings are not necessarily all business though; they are often organized along with a potluck dessert or meal so they are also an enjoyable opportunity to get together and socialize. 

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Helping Other Parents Everywhere

 Registered Charity No: 83946 7693 RR0001
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